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Marshall Humphries Senior Front-End Developer

I am a senior front-end developer with more than 15 years of experience working with stakeholders and designers to turn requirements and sketches into beautiful code. I enjoy creating sharp-looking, fast, accessible, and fully-responsive web applications and web sites that are easy to maintain and provide a great experience for the customers who use them regardless of the platform or device they choose.

I am accomplished in the rapid development of responsive, enterprise-level software using modern JavaScript frameworks with a focus on semantic, accessible, and localizable HTML and CSS. Excellent spoken and written communication skills make me an effective team lead.

Software Skills

  • Expert
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Selected Projects

Launch one of the sample sites below then resize the browser window to see the responsive design

Enterprise app

Data analysis app
Data analysis app (AngularJS, D3)

Travel site

Travel site
Performant, responsive, accessible HTML/CSS

Static site

Music site
Artist's music site (Static Generated)

CC Search update

CC Search site
My updates to the CC Search site

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer: Front-End Architect

1/2015 - present (IBM)

  • Responsible for the rapid delivery of a new product to market
  • Worked directly with Marketing and UX Design teams to convert requirements into code
  • Responsible for converting a legacy front-end from Flash to a modern JS framework
  • Led a team of 3-5 front-end developers
  • Helped to create a style-guide to keep three separately-developed products consistent for our customers
  • Developed and maintained coding standards across our products and enforced them in builds with ESLint
  • Designed REST APIs and data models for BE to FE communication
  • Implemented front-end in AngularJS and Bootstrap and a local Node.js/Express backend for API testing
  • Responsible for internationalization/localization

Customer Application Engineer: Solutions Architect

2/2005 - 12/2014 (IBM)

  • Created ad-hoc, zero-budget, vanilla JavaScript single page applications to meet the needs of the OEM sales and support teams including sales projection and budgeting tools, a replacement part lookup tool, and an error code lookup and troubleshooting tool
  • Wrote a standalone Java (Swing) application to import quality data from the repair center's database and generate ongoing quality reports for IBM and for each of our OEM customers.
  • Wrote a Java (Swing) warranty validation tool which looked up piece parts in the manufacturing database to identify the original assembly and warranty

Advisory Software Engineer: Front-End Team Lead

5/2002 - 1/2005 (IBM)

  • Led a 5-member team in developing a Java applet-based web application for storage management
  • Worked directly with the usability team to design and implement the user experience
  • Later led the "blue-washing" effort for an acquisition product


Master of Arts

1996 - 1999

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Honolulu, HI